Tissue microbiota: the link between gut microbiota and diseases

Paradigm shiftNutritional and genetic factors have been recognized for decades as causal factors of cardiometabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However therapeutics strategies based on these concepts have failed and co-morbidities associated with these pathologies are poorly managed.

The need for a new approach is therefore essential since the prevalence of cardiometabolic disorders and their fatal complications continue to increase dramatically in the absence of effective drugs and adapted biomarkers.

The last decade was marked by the rapid development of a new field of research focused on the role of the gut microbiota in obesity, diabetes and associated pathologies.

Vaiomer’s activities are centered on the concept that tissue microbiota rather than gut microbiota exerts a pivotal role in the initiation of an inflammatory cascade that leads to numerous diseases.

Based on this new approach, Vaiomer has developed collaborative studies with a broad network of researchers - from academic laboratories to multi-national biopharmaceutical and nutrition companies - for the discovery and development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for microbiota related-conditions.

The direct crosstalk between tissue microbiota and host opens an entire new field to be explored.

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